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Thank you for visiting Cottage and Creek. I'm Lynn and I live in a cozy 1952 Cape Cod style house in the heart of a historic village near Buffalo, New York. A beautiful rushing creek greets me each morning outside my front door. Deer ramble past and hawks soar above. My firstborn married my dear friend's son two years ago and they're expecting a baby!  (I'm so excited!)  My son recently graduated from college with a degree in Visual Studies and is among the many searching for his first "real" job.  And my sweet husband went to be with the Lord eight years ago, suddenly and without notice.  Darn, him!  So ... I figure it's time to embark on some new adventures. I hope you join me as I spruce up my cottage-by-the-creek, celebrate found treasure, and bask in God's goodness. There's so much to learn and share. Let the fun begin!

Being a tad older than half a century doesn’t make me an expert on life in the least however, it does speak to the many miles I’ve walked and to the myriad lessons I’ve learned along the way. The older I get, the more I realize how important a strong support system is and how precious relationships are to ones overall well being.  The most important relationship in my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ. He truly is the Rock upon which I stand, my Strength, and my Song. My faith in God and the support of friends and family has enabled me to laugh when I want to cry, to stand when I want to crumble, and to be filled with everlasting hope when the way before me seems pretty dark.

The little things in life take on a whole new meaning when the comfortable and expected are suddenly gone. I'm finding that change is inevitable, unstoppable, and necessary for personal growth. To fight change is to fight the Author and Creator of our existence and it's pointless ... believe me, I've tried! So now I'm embracing each new season as the adventure it is and finding it a much more peaceful way to live. My nest is empty; the chicks have flown; it's time to embrace the single life and make the best of it.

Cottage and Creek provides a peek into the “normal” life of a fifty-four-year-old widow who is probably very much like so many of you. And if not, you’ll come away with a keener understanding of the fragility of life, the power of hope, and the pure gumption present in every human spirit that keeps us “keeping on” when everything around screams “stop!”.

My need to create grows stronger every day and as I strive to heal and move forward, it’s with great enthusiasm that I anticipate this next season of my life. I love vintage fabric and all manner of sewing supplies. They make my heart sing. I love old books and office supplies, vintage clothing, jewelry, purses, linens … you get the idea. So here at Cottage and Creek, you’ll hopefully be blessed by my musings and mutterings, as well as by the joyous celebration of past pretties that still shine with potential and purpose. Because that’s me in a nutshell - a little worn, a little sad, but still full of lots of potential and purpose. Perhaps, just like you. Thanks for visiting!

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